Account for every citizen

Account for every citizen
According to the program by the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) in 2012 and under specific conditions, every Palestinian citizen can open a bank account (saving account/ account for every citizen) in the Egyptian Arab Land Bank and enjoy all the bank’s services. This program is to enable the citizen of low income to open account in our branches.
  • No minimal balance limit.
  • No commissions including.
    • Account opening commissions.
    • Account managing commissions.
    • Withdrawal on the counter with a maximum of 3 movements per month.
    • ATM card monthly commission.
    • Electronic services commission.
This program exclude
  • Citizen who have a credit facilities for consumption purpose.
  • Citizen with more than 10 deposit or withdrawal monthly account movements.
  • Citizen who have deposit account.
  • Citizen who is provided with investment facilities with large and long run amounts.
  • Legal entities.