ATM’s Cards

ATM’s Cards
ATM’s card is a debit of MasterCard in which money is deducted from your account. ATM’s card combines MasterCard features with better money management and without any monthly bills.
Card uses:
  • Cash withdrawals:
    • From the Egyptian Arab Land Bank ATM’s.
    • From ATM’s with 194 national service located in Palestine.
    • From any MasterCard ATM’s more than 1.9 million MasterCard ATM’s in the world.
  • Shopping:
    purchasing from the stores, gas stations, hotels, and flight tickets through the purchass machines which are located in more than 33 million stores around the world enabling you of local and international shopping with cash holding risks. 
  • Online Shopping:
    Debit card provides you with a secure online shopping and flight tickets and hotel bookings for better prices through online sites.
  • Balance account inquiry:
    Customers can inquire about their account balance by their debit card through the Egyptian Arab Land Bank or ATM’s with the 194 service.
Features of debit card “ATM Card”:
  • Debit card is available in any currency “USD, JOD and NIS”.
  • Chip card and password provide customers a secure use.
  • An immediate deduct from your accounts when withdrawing or purchasing.
  • International and local use.
  • The Egyptian Arab Land Bank provides a free client’s service 24/7 if there any enquiries or emergency on the free number 1800 123 123.
  • Customers can ask for issuing sub cards for the same bank account. 
  • The bank provides customers with the free SMS service when directly use the card.
  • Allows customers to access to their account through online banking.