About Us

About Us

Remarkable history:
The Egyptian Arab Land Bank has been aimed to enhance the Egyptian economy since it was first founded. The bank has launched its top priority of being a part of the Egyptian agriculture sector development by providing the owners of agricultural lands with loans to increase their lands productivity, to enhance the Egyptian economy and to achieve communications with all community segments to enhance their productivity resources and to improve national construction and development.

The bank has achieved a great growth since it was first founded to be one of the largest specialized banks and a bright name in the banking name in the banking sector and Arab serving in all countries of the region.

The Egyptian Arab Land Bank has opened a branch in Palestine as a response to the troubles in the region during the first half of the 20th century and as a part of our aims to serve Arabs.

The league of the Arab states issued a resolution during its third session in March 1946 of establishing the Arab Land bank according to the royal decree of Egypt under a name of Arab Land Company. The decree defined the purposes of the company, which was registered as a joint stock company located in Cairo including establishing the company Palestine, to support the Palestinians and to repair lands. This followed its registration, but the situations in Palestine territories 1948 prevented the company to continue its activities. However, it was re-registered with the Jordanian authorities in 1951 to work in both east and west bank.

In 1999, Cabinet of Egypt issued a resolution of changing the bank name to “Egyptian Arab Land Bank” to reflect the vision and role of the bank to be a part of supporting and developing Arab economies.

Honorable Present:
The Egyptian Arab Land Bank aspires to be the comprehensive model of providing all banking services to the society and of being an active part in all aspects of economic and social development. The bank provides it banking services in Palestine and Jordan as a commercial bank since it provides comprehensive and integrated banking services for both businesses and individuals.
The bank has many branches located in Egypt, Jordan and Palestine in addition to many correspondents around the world.

Despite all the changes in both internal and external level that the bank witnessed throughout it working and success the bank still provides it’s special and reliable banking services for customers and the Arab economy as a whole.