Information Security

Information Security
  • Keep your secret and sensitive information like PIN of credit cards or ATM’s and password, username and password of online banking and don’t reveal them through mobile or email.
  • Do not reveal your private information to anyone.
  • Choose a strong password using a combination of alpha pets and numbers.
  • Change your passwords periodically and especially if you doubt that someone knew it.
  • Do not write your password down in your mobile or email.
  • Memorize your PIN and password of credit card and ATM’s card and don’t them down on the card itself and don’t keep them on the same place with your card.
  • Get rid of the file in which PIN and password are printed after memorizing it.
  • To log into your online banking account, choose a passwords which combine alpha pets and numbers and hard to guess.
  • The Egyptian Arab Land Bank doesn’t ask customers for updating their secret information, so don’t fill any forms asking to update.
  • Don’t use ATM’s with strange thing like devices, wires, or magnetics tapes.
  • Insure that the ATM’s keyboard is not fake sense there are many hackers who put a fake keyboard to memorize password.
  • When you put the card in ATM’s, it may enter the ATM’s slowly as a part of security, But if it stucked in the ATM don’t push it hardly.
  • While using the ATM make sure that no one is watching you while entering your PIN or password.
  • In case your card stucked in the ATM do not leave unless a message that has withdrawn it appears.
  • Be awave of any person who tries to help you when using the ATM.
  • Change your PIN code if you doubt that someone know it.
  • When you use the ATM card for purcashing make sure that the purchase transaction has to be under your eyes and not anyware else. The ATM card has a high security against fraud and aroids you the risk of holding cash.
  • Do not let anyone at commercial stores enter the card more than one time in the machine unless you receive a paper of transaction cancelation.
  • Use a card of purchasing when you purchase.
  • Damage any expired cards.
  • Subscribe to SMS service provided by the Egyptian Arab Land Bank enabling you to view all your account transactions.
  • Don’t use online banking through public computers from internet cafes.
  • To sign to online banking accounts, type the bank online address into the address bar directly instead of using search engines to avoid fake electronic sites.
  • Ensure that the online address is a secure address and starts with https.
  • Log out of your online banking account by clicking on “logout” and do not just close the browser.
  • Don’t response to any of deciptire message in order to steal personally and private information.
  • Check your bank accounts periodically and report any strange transaction.