Our Values

Our Values

Despite the success changes the area witnessed during our long successful history, we in the Egyptian Arab Land Bank will never give up - under any circumstances – on our commitment to our main principles which are the pillars of our existence that include offering the support to Arab people through facilitating the banking services to the clients to do their businesses which will enhance the Arab economy in the area as a whole.

The family of the Egyptian Arab Land Bank with all of its members believes in this principle to ensure the continuous working to achieve it.

Devoting Efforts:
We seek to provide simple and flexible banking financial solutions to our clients which will benefit both of us at the same time.

Contribution to development:
We commit ourselves to the continuous working to support the economy of all Arab countries, we ensure to serve the local societies which we are located in and we work tirelessly to serve them in striving to ensure our social responsibility since we are an integral part of these societies.

To maintain our principles of the transparency, credibility and commitment to work ethics in everything we do.

Communication and continuous development:
We ensure to communicate with our clients to know their demands and provide banking solutions to meet those demands.

Our vision:
We aim to make our bank the comprehensive model in providing all banking services to society and to be an effective participant in all aspects of development